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this is one of my favorite quotes, ever. 

this is one of my favorite quotes, ever. 

Morning Music Revelations

Alright, I’m a singer. Vocal Musician ok, Music is what I do. Great lyrics are fairly easy to come by. & I’m all about the lyrics, but has anyone else ever noticed how creepy Love songs actually are? They sound good with the music but you can’t just say those words to people without sounding like a creep. Here are some examples.
"I saw you & him walking in the rain, you were holding hands & I’ll never be the same"
"I don’t know when I’m gone die but I hope I’m gone die by you."
"At night I think of you, I want to be your lady baby ;)"
"Can’t you see that I’m bound in chains? I’ve finally found my way I am bound to you"
"for a thousand summers I will wait for you ‘til you’re here beside me, ‘til I’m holding you. ‘til I hear you sigh here in my arms"
"Cause I love you so, promise I’ll never let you go, in the still of the night."
"her love is heavenly when her arms enfold me. I hear a tender rhapsody but in reality she doesn’t even know me"
!!! Grade A creep stuff. Try, it. go through 10 of your favorite love songs and tell me at least 5 don’t have at least one line that frightens you a little bit!

sans conseiller

i find myself without my confidant. having him ripped away so suddenly has really done a number on my psyche and the fact that i don’t think he’s coming back. i feel as though i’m going through all this limbo for nothing. love is a powerful thing. it can vanquish evil but it can also crush the hope of the innocent. it kills dreams and makes the sun rise. the world turn. the young turn grey. the educated foolish. frazzles the wise. what makes it all worth it. 40 years of back and forth. children who hate you until they see the light. will the wait be worth it. will you spend the rest of our lives making it up to me or will i live out my days an educated fool who changed her plans for a man she loved who didn’t , couldn’t love her as much. because of his upbringing. because of the way someone else raised you. how is that an excuse when you’ve been your own person all the while? you’re afraid to fail with me. but does that mean you’re afraid to lose me? you want to build yourself into someone to prove that you are somebody. can’t you be somebody with me? avec moi? mon cherie mon coeur i would fight the world with you, i would defy gravity, move mountains to be with you. it hurts me that you do not feel the same. my upbringing calls for me to be afraid to love but i am not. i am unafraid,. you give me courage you light my dark, and i cannot understand how a man who loves himself so much can love no one else. can have room in his heart for no other. i suppose i have answered my own question.suppose that your heart is too full of you. i’m waiting for a maybe. i must seek other counsel. or possibly listen to myself. i know what needs to be done but cannot do it. i cannot bear the crack that resounds within the universe of my soul each time i attempt to withdraw my love from you. but what do we have now. certainly not each other. i am alone. 


I hate happy endings, real life doesn’t have them. books and movies should stop tricking innocent and naive fools into believing they are real. maybe that’s why i love opera so much there is rarely ever a happy ending

99 Life Hacks to make your life easier!

College Asks Students to Have Sex Quietly 
Have some respect, some of us are trying to study so hard we forget we don’t have girlfriends here.


College Asks Students to Have Sex Quietly

Have some respect, some of us are trying to study so hard we forget we don’t have girlfriends here.